Starting Your Own Business

Many of us hear the Siren song of small business. Complete freedom. Unlimited opportunity. Dreams realized. But of those who answer it, most don’t succeed. Why? What separates those who succeed from those who fail?

Knowledge of the business, sufficient capital, good experience, and a unique idea at the right time are just some of the characteristics of a successful business owner. Although there isn’t any way that you can guarantee that you’ll become a successful owner, you can greatly improve your odds by becoming well-prepared for the task.

That’s where we come in. We’ll take you through the process of starting a new business, from thinking about it to planning it to actually doing it.

  • Do you have what it takes is a look at what it means to own your own business, from the sacrifices you’ll have to make to the skills you’ll need if you’re to succeed.
  • The right small business for you explains an effective method for thinking up new business ideas, and explores the pros and cons of buying an existing business.
  • Evaluating your chances of success is a “look before you leap” examination of what it will really cost you to start a new business. In addition, it gives you some help in evaluating the marketing, legal, and financing issues associated with startups and in finding more information about your specific industry.
  • Getting started tells you what you need to do to turn your small business idea into a reality.
  • Now that you’re up and running examines some common problems faced by startups and provides you with a framework for deciding whether your business is a success!

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