Legal Disclaimer

Marketing Partners

eSO has contractual arrangements with other companies (Marketing Partners), which offer information, products, services, and online tools to our customers. For purposes of these arrangements, a customer is an eSO website visitor who links to a Marketing Partner through either our site, our eNewsLetter, or via a telephone connection. eSO receives agreed-upon payments from each Marketing Partner that enters into transactions with eSO customers through an eSO related link.

Linked Sites.

The Marketing Partner sites to which eSO provides links are operated by independent parties and are not under eSO’s control. However, we do links for our visitors to Marketing Partner sites. You should inform yourself of the policies adopted by each of the Marketing Partners for the operation of its site, including the Marketing Partner’s policies concerning the use of information provided to the Marketing Partner and that information about you that eSO provides the Marketing Partner. See Privacy Policy for more details.

No Warranty.

eSO assess the products and services offered by Marketing Partners and believes that these products and services are appropriate and valuable to small business customers. eSO does not, however, guarantee any products or services provided by Marketing Partners. Marketing Partners are solely responsible for claims made by eSO customers with respect to the products or services provided to them by Marketing Partners, and eSO customers should look to the Marketing Partners for any guarantee of the performance of products or the suitability of services provided by them.

Independent Parties.

eSO, eSO’s sponsors and each of the Marketing Partners are independent parties. There is no agency, employee or partnership relationship of one to the other or among any of them and they have no authority to bind another of the parties. Any reference describing eSO, eSO’s sponsors and any Marketing Partner as “partners” is colloquial only and does not represent the legal relationship between them, which is one of independent contractors.