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Your greatest asset may be the people who work within your company. When the last employee has gone home for the day, the computers, desks, equipment, by themselves, will be useless until the next business day when your staff returns.



  • Training new Employees – How to effectively orient new employees to your operation.
  • How to Train One-On-One
  • Technical Workers – How to keep your technical staff up to date with technology.
  • Training Links – To help you find the right training for your employees, we have compiled the list of training services.


  • Supervising – How to frame expectations and develop cooperation from staff.
  • How to Coach for Improved Performance
  • How to Delegate Effectively
  • Rules for your workers – Discusses the various aspects of creating order in your workplace by helping you figure out which rules you need, which rules you’re required by law to have, how to communicate rules, and how to write them using our special policy creation tools.


  • Maintaining and Motivating – Inexpensive and practical ideas.
  • How to Motivate Today’s Worker
  • Motivating and rewarding your workers – Helps you keep employees feeling good and enthusiastic about working for you by showing you how to detect and fend off problems with morale, turnover, productivity, and employee loyalty.

Salary & benefits

  • Paying your employees – Guides you through the ins and outs of paying your employees, including step-by-step instructions on how to go from a hiring an employee to the point where you hand over the paycheck. We’ll also give you tips on deciding how much to pay and how to negotiate salary with employees.
  • Benefits for your workers – Introduces you to the wide world of benefits, including time-off benefits, health benefits, life insurance, disability insurance, and retirement plans. You’ll also get some ideas about how to manage, administer, and negotiate benefits plans you offer to employees.
  • Insurance as a Strategy to Retain Employees – Health, life, and other insurance programs as benefits.


  • Temporary Employees and Contractors – Tips for how to hire them and why they can make sense for you.

Discipline & termination

  • Disciplining your workers – Aids you in one of the toughest parts of being a boss — disciplining workers — by giving you scripts and tools to help you coach the wayward employee and document any disciplinary actions.
  • Terminating workers – Navigates you through the unpleasant tasks of having to let a worker go, from planning the termination meeting to dealing with unemployment claims.


  • Labor Laws – Compliance with a myriad of legal issues you must comply with.
  • Internet Resources

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